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Overland storage system for the New Defender

We were initially contacted by the customer in order to prepare a series 3 Carwagon for his upcoming world trip. After discussing some ideas we switched topic from the classic Land Rover to the new Defender, which he uses as his daily car and weekend getaway vehicle while his series is being restored. We discussed some ideas for organising the cargo area of the vehicle so that he could organise his camping gear and gain access to his daily items.

The main goal of this build is to maximise the usable space of the cargo area while being able to easily access the items which are used on a daily basis.

We started measuring the space we had to work with and received a list of the items which had to find a place in the storage system such as a portable battery, LifeSaver jerrycan and Dometic CDF-18 fridge.

After taking the measurements to our 3D design software we started playing with the layout and came up with a solution. We decided to lift the platform of the storage system so that the access to the underfloor toolbox of the defender was not restricted. That way some bulkier items such as the camping chair and table also could be stored on the bottom.

Some pictures during the build:

Some pictures of the final result and first camping trip of our customer:

This build is now available in the shop and can be modified to your needs. For specific questions and customisation options, follow the below link to our contact form:


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