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Project Series 3 - Carawagon

This beautifully restored Land Rover Series 3 - Carawagon was in need of a matching & functional interior build plus electrical installation. In agreement with the owner we decided to use Mahogany for the cabinets, nicely matching the wooden construction of the pop-up roof.

In order to keep the total weight of the interior down, we chose for a combination of 7mm birch plywood Veneered on both sides with Mahogany. To reinforce the construction we worked with aluminium extrusion profiles providing the necessary rigidity to accomodate the weight of a person standing on top of the cabinets. The Mahogany was finished with a natural oil giving the wood its beautiful color. The use of an oil provides great resistance against moisture and water and can be easily reapplied after extensive use.

The electrical installation allows equipment like the fridge, night heater and lighting to be powered without draining the starter battery. Easy connection sockets are provided to charge the vehicle batteries using a portable solar panel or through a mains battery charger.

A prototype of our chassis mount storage boxes for the Land Rover Series and Defender was installed so that tools, oils and spare parts can be stored outside the vehicle.


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