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Heated water tank

Updated: Sep 23, 2023

Cold showers in winter and trying to clean your greasy frying pan with cold water, every traveller has experienced these struggles. We offer you, a solution so you don't ever have to experience these frustrations again.

Our Water tank heating kit allows you to convert your tank so that hot water is available anywhere and anytime. By installing a heat exchanger inside your water tank, connected to the coolant circuit of your vehicle, you can set the temperature of your water supply. The idea is simple, 30 minutes before you plan to stop driving for the day, you turn on the heating system by means of a switch. This switch controls an electrical valve, which allows the hot engine coolant to flow through the heat exchanger which is installed in your tank. A temperature sensor connected to an LCD screen allows you to monitor the temperature and automatically turns of the circuit when the preset temperature is reached.

Depending on the location of your water tank and the installed insulation, the water will stay warm anywhere from a single evening to the next morning. Furthermore, this system works in conjunction with the interior heater of you vehicle and consequently, if an engine pre heater is installed, this can be used to heat your water tank even on days you are not driving.

Our kit consists of the following components:

- Coolant hoses

- Hose clamps

- Fittings

- Bulkhead fitting

- In-tank heat exchanger

- Heat exchanger connections

- Electrical valve

- Manual safety valves

- LCD monitor + temperature sensor

- Electrical switch

Optionally an inspection cover can be added to allow the tank to be cleaned and the heat exchanger to be easily inspected. The installation kit is DIY friendly. Only 1 specialty tool is required: a 26mm drill bit, to install the heat exchanger. A step drill bit can be added to the order if required.

Note that a 40mm access hole to the tank is required to insert the tank feed-through. If this is not available our inspection cover can be added to the order.

The entire installation can be done within a single day by the average DIY'er.

The full kit will be available soon from the webshop. If you are already interested, please fill in our contact form.


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