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Teardrop Kulba

We have prepared this Teardrop for several winter adventures. The design of the teardrop is already well insulated from the factory and therefore ideal for winter adventures. To further increase comfort, we have installed a parking heater with control via the cellphone. This allows the parents to set the heating for the children who will sleep in it.

We added an extra 15l water tank with heating option via the parking heater. By means of an air-water heat exchanger, the warm air can be converted into hot water. The 15l tank can be heated to 60°C. the water can be regulated to the desired temperature via a mixer tap. A shower connection was provided so that a hot shower can now also be taken in the great outdoors.

The electrical installation was expanded with a 160Ah battery and 500W inverter. The addition of a priority switch ensures that electric bicycles can be charged both at the campsite and in nature.

Finally, a portable WIFI modem was provided so that all mobile devices can have an internet connection.


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