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Water tank heating kit

Water tank heating kit

Roverland conversion kit for converting your water tank into a heated tank.


This kit uses the engine coolant circuit to heat your water tank. A heated tank has many benefits:

- Prevents freezing of water in winter

- Requires no extra fuel/electricity since it uses engine waste heat

- Thermal sterilization cycle to kill bacteria without added chemicals

- Provides warm water for +-5 hours after setting up camp

- Provides cabin heating during the evening, requiring diesel heater to run less

- Engine preheater can be used to heat water for extended off-grid camping


The water system can be turned on +-30 mins before reaching camp. If the preset temperature is reached, the system automatically turns off. 


This kit is DIY friendly and recuires two holes to be drilled inside the tank (26mm). In case the water tank has no maintenance hole, it can be added to the cart as an option. 


  • Kit contents

    • 12m Coolant hose (16mm)

    • 2x T-piece (20mm-16mm-20mm)

    • Electronic coolant valve

    • 6x hose coupling

    • 2x manual valve

    • 2x 90° corner

    • 2x Tank adapter

    • 2x heat exchanger coupler

    • 2x heat exchanger seal

    • 1x heat exchanger

    • 4x hose clamp for 20mm coolant hose

    • 10x hose clamp for 16mm coolant hose

    • thermostat controller

    • temperature sensor (6m)

    • wiring loom electronic valve (6m)

    • 8x double hose clamp

    • 4x rivet nut 5mm

    • 4x bolt M5x25

    • 4x bolt M5x45

    • 1x loctite 55 sealant

PriceFrom €353.00
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