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Spare Wheel Accessory Mount

Spare Wheel Accessory Mount

Introducing our versatile mounting base, designed for effortless installation on your spare wheel, offering a seamless solution for carrying an array of items. Equipped with strategically placed holes and slots, this base allows for direct attachment of accessories, facilitating secure placement of essentials such as shovels, reverse lights, and recovery gear with ease. Additionally, our specially designed mounting plate provides a dedicated space for our mobile rooftop tent heater, ensuring you're prepared for any adventure.


For added convenience, a mounting plate can be securely affixed to the base, offering ample storage for miscellaneous gear. Furthermore, the mounting plate serves as an ideal spot to stow firewood, keeping it neatly out of the way yet easily accessible.

Included with the mounting base are two straps: one for encircling the tire and another smaller strap acting as a fail-safe to prevent any accidental gear loss during transit. The mounting plate comes with a single strap and all necessary fasteners for a secure attachment to the base.


Crafted from robust aluminum, the accessory mount combines lightweight construction with superior strength, finished with a textured powder coat for enhanced durability and aesthetics. Say goodbye to cumbersome installations and hello to effortless gear management with our premium mounting solution.


fits tyre sizes from 31"-34".

  • Mounting plate variants

    Name Size Fits
    Mounting plate 1 41cm x 31cm Alutec Industry 30l (mobile tent heater)
    Mounting plate 2 56,5cm x 36,5 cm Alutec Industry 48l, 60l, 73l
    Mounting plate 3 51cm x 40cm Frontrunner Wolfpack





PriceFrom €100.00
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