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Maintenance Port for water/fuel tank

Maintenance Port for water/fuel tank

Being able to easily clean the inside of you water/fuel tank is essential to keep your gear in great shape. This stainless steel maintenance port for you water or fuel tank allows you to easily access your tank.

This product was designed since we couldn't find a high quality sealed maintenance port that didn't leak under pressure. The 2  seal design prevents any liquid pushing its way through the thread of the mounting bolts which is a problem for other maintenance ports on the market.


Installation is easy and requires 1x110mm hole and 6x 6.5mm holes to be drilled. The Bottom mounting bracket can be fitted in the tank thanks to the slit that is precut.

  • Kit Content

    - Bottom bracket (stainless steel)
    - Top lid (stainless steel)
    - 2x seal
    - 6x M6 nuts
    - 6x Washer

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