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MagCode Connector Set

MagCode Connector Set

The MagCode Magnetic Power System Pro is a magnetic connector system for 12 V and 24 V with mechanical twist lock. Important are higher separation forces,  higher current load and no arcing problem.

MagCode Power System Pro features an additional twist lock mechanism for applications where greater separation forces and higher current load are necessary. In addition, the twist lock function guarantees switching will not occur before the outside contact has been closed – therefore eliminating potential arcing problems.



  • High-tech design
  • Minimal mounting depth (port)
  • Up to 25 A current load
  • Short-circuit-proof
  • Waterproof (installed port)
  • Voltage 12 V and 24 V
  • twist-lock
  • Content:

    MagCode Powerport pro

    MagCode Powerclip pro

    MagCode port cover

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