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Autoterm Air 2D

Autoterm Air 2D

2 kW Autoterm diesel heater


Operates by internal combustion of diesel fuel. Can be connected to a seperate fuel tank or directly tapped from the vehicles fuel tank. Combustion chamber is sealed from the heated air so an odourless warm air output is guaranteed. Autoterm heaters come equipped with high altitude compensation allowing them to operate normally up to 2500m.


The advantages of using a diesel heater:

- low electrical power consumption

- low diesel fuel consumption

- no maintanance operation


The heater comes standard with Comfort Controller (Power and thermostat regulation) and complete installation kit.


This heater is suitable for use in Vans, 4x4 vehicles, Tents and smaller motorhomes.


For a complete, ready-to-use, mobile kit see our product listing for "2kW Mobile Heater"



  • Technical Specifications

    Autoterm Air 2D  
    Voltage 12V
    Heating medium Air
    Heating power 0.8 kW (Min.) - 2.0 kW (Max.)
    Heated air volume 34 m3/h (Min.) - 86 m3/h (Max.)
    Power consumption (electrical) 10W/0.83A (Min.) - 29W/2.4A (Max.) @12V
    Fuel type Diesel
    Fuel consumption 0.10 l/h (Min.) - 0.24 l/h (Max.)
    Weight of heater 2.9 kg
    Weight of the set 6.4 kg
    Heater dimensions 310x119x145 mm
    package dimensions 400x360x170 mm
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