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Alutec Aluminium box

Alutec Aluminium box

Alutec Industry series aluminium storage boxes. 


Robust boxes made from 1 mm sheet aluminium with reinforced corners. The sealed lid ensures no water ingress when stored outside. Suitable for mounting on top of a roofrack. Sturdy handles allow you to move the boxes easily. With the stacking corners on top, these boxes can be stacked safely.


The optional cylinder lock can be ordered seperate and is  installed by means of rivets.

  • Sizes

    Size Product No. Inner Dim. Outer Dim. Vol  Weight 


    B-A27 350x245x315 380x280x344 27l 2,73kg
    30 B-A30 400x300x248 430x335x277 30l 3,14kg
    48 B-A48 550x350x248 580x385x277 48l 4,1kg
    60 B-A60 550x350x315 580x385x344 60l 4,47kg
    73 B-A73 550x350x381 580x385x410 73l 4,9kg
    92 B-A92 750x350x350 780x385x379 92l 5,82kg
    140 B-A140 870x460x350 900x495x379 140l 7,32kg
    153 B-A153 1150x350x381 1182x385x410 153l 8,76kg
    157 B-A157 750x550x381 782x585x410 157l 7,52kg
    243 B-A243 750x550x590 782x585x619 243l 8,98kg
    400 B-A400 1500x550x485 1532x585x514 400l 14,82kg
    425 B-A425 1160x755x485 1160x755x485 425l 14,62kg


PriceFrom €138.60
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