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Rooftop tent heater

Rooftop tent heater

Mobile diesel heater which can be used for heating tents and closed awnings. Based on a 2kW autoterm air 2D heater installed in a weaterproof and rugged aluminium box. External fittings are from stainless steel and durable ABS. All electrical connections are made weaterproof so that the heater can be permanently installed on the exterior of a vehicle such as on a roofrack or cargo rails.


The heater opeates on an integrated  5l diesel tank which combusts the diesel in the internal combustion chamber. the heat generated by this process is transferred through the sealed enclosure and is exchanged to the air which in turn is guided into the tent. A complete separation of the combustion gasses and the warm air is guaranteed at all times.


Practical experience:

the diesel heater provides sufficient heat for a single rooftop tent at 20-30% of it's nominal power with a temperature increase of 20-25°C. At this pace the heater consumes around 0,15l/h of fuel. with the integrated tank we usually last more than a week. Consumption of electrical energy from the battery is around 9Ah for 8 hours of burning at 20-30%. An  auxilliary battery is recommended but not mandatory. A maximum discharge of the battery can be set through the controller ensuring you can start the vehicle the next morning.


The heater kit comes with following parts:

- heater box

- 3 m weatherproof flexible air duct

- 3 m electrical connection with battery clamps

- Autoterm comfort controller

- 4 m controller cable


Different lengths of cable or air ducting are possible. Please send us a request through our contact form.


  • Technical specifications

  • Maintenance

    The heater runs most efficient on maximum power. On lower power there is an increased change of carbon build up. To eliminate this, the heater should be run regularly on maximum power, e.g. 30 minutes once per month.

€1,450.00 Regular Price
€1,349.00Sale Price
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